Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Pond Matters

As stated and offered during the Annual General Body (AGB) meeting (May 2021) - even though many of the decisions regarding the pond maintenance are still quite fluid (pun intended) - described below is the current knowledge about the Pond (in simplified terms) and what is being done to maintain and improve the Pond Health and Appearance.

1.      Biochemical Maintenance (refers to Biochemical treatment of the Pond to manage the Biological and the Ecological System of the Pond): Quotes have been obtained from three individuals – highly varied in cost and treatment approach – however, the previous contract awarded, for which permits have been paid for, obtained in advance, as well as the lowest in cost, is currently in operation and may be altered only after completion of the current contract term. An informed and evidence-based decision on the continuation of present contract is anticipated. Timeframe – (Immediate, in process).

2.      Mechanical Maintenance (refers to inflow and outflow of the water and the Mechanical management of the water levels of the pond): Professionally qualified expertise is being sought including request of individual(s) who previously provided service for this aspect of the pond. Currently ongoing, Timeframe – (6-12weeks).

3.      Continuity of Pond Health Maintenance and Value-Added Features (refers to incorporating Aeration Systems to improve the Pond Ecosystem, which may include lighting and features beneficial to Community Life and Health). Concurrent needs assessment work is in progress to evaluate the needs and determine costing. Timeframe – (8-16 weeks).

Although, there can be no certainty of final cost for management of such maintenance issues, at the present time, it seems that the $50,000 requested at the AGB Meeting (May 2021) for the maintenance and enhancement of the pond health and appearance will be sufficient to enable accomplishing the first two maintenance items - biochemical and mechanical – with some parts of item 3, stated above, as well.

Finally, although the Pond Maintenance Team volunteers are working at a feverish pace to accomplish the tasks at hand, they request your patience – a rushed uninformed decision will not hasten the cure of this longer-term malady. Also, please be cognizant of the fact that Covid19 has impacted every walk of life and wreaked havoc on cost and schedules of many professional services resulting in short-term cost escalation and time delays.