Sunday, August 15, 2021

BMPOA Project Updates

-Water level has been at an aesthetically pleasing level this year (with help from the abundant rainfall).
-2 treatments carried out for biochemical maintenance (Jun/Aug).
-Mechanical maintenance is still in progress (there is no plan to dredge the pond or thin the woods around the creek).
-Setting up electrical infrastructure and aerators in the pond is in the works.

Front Entrance:
-Sidewalk construction to connect our subdivision to DTP is in progress. There is still a gap between Praise Community Church and Cassady Place that has yet to be completed.
-Efforts to give the front entrance a facelift will begin some time in the Fall. There are a couple groups with proposals (including landscape and hardscape updates) that will be given to the Board this month.
-Also this Fall, we plan to replace infected trees between the sidewalk and N. Territorial with tulip trees obtained from the Township.