Annual Dues

All Homeowners are obligated to pay annual association dues.

2022 dues are $460. Due January 31, 2022.

The following are a sample some of the subdivision expenses for which dues are appropriated.
  • Maintain Cul de sacs
  • Ribbon along N. Territorial
  • Forsythia bushes along N. Territorial
  • Maintain the subdivision front entrance
  • Entrance Lighting
  • Maintain the area around pond behind Covington Drive homes
  • Provide Snow removal and salt during winter months
Dues increase by no more than 10% per year unless a special assessment or motion is voted upon and approved by the association.

The deadline for annual homeowners dues is typically January 31st of each year and considered past due on February 1st.

PENALTIES:$25/month for past dues starting February 1.

Dues are collected via a notice sent by mail. Checks may be made payable to BMPOA.

Please feel free to contact the BMPOA if you have additional questions. The BMPOA strongly encourages its resident's attendance in the Annual Homeowners Meeting where the subdivision budget is discussed in detail.