The Beacon Meadows Property Owners Association (BMPOA):
The purpose of the BMPOA is exercising the powers set forth in the Declaration of Restrictions and promoting the welfare of its members by maintaining and beautifying the subdivision by enforcing building use and restrictions, by representing its members before a governmental board and bodies and by promoting social and recreational activities. Additional information may be found in the subdivision By-Laws and Declaration of Restrictions.

Board of Directors:
The responsibility of the Board of Directors is to manage the business, property and affairs of the association.

Ron KoussanDirector (Safety)
Lynn Broniak-HullDirector (Maintenance)
Dixie HibnerEaton Estates

Architectural Review Committee:
The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) is responsible for inspecting the exterior of properties so they comply with the requirements found in the Declaration of Restrictions.


The goal of the ARC is to facilitate and encourage the efforts of all Beacon Meadows property owners to improve their homes and the entire neighborhood in a manner consistent with the declaration of restrictions, so that Beacon Meadows’ distinctive character will be preserved and enhanced.  Together, let’s ensure that our tradition of being good neighbors in a special neighborhood continues.

If you have specific concerns about the appearance of the common areas or anything else in the neighborhood, please bring it to our attention or to a committee member. The ARC will address the issue and bring it to the Board’s attention for any further action(s) if necessary.

Changes to the exterior of your home must be reviewed and approved by members of the ARC and Board of Directors. Approvals are obtained by submitting an Architectural Review Committee Application Form.

BMPOA Presidents:

2021-presentAnil Aranha
2015-2021Lynn Broniak-Hull
2008-2015Don Masini
2007-2008Keith Martin
1993-2007Bob Paciocco
1991-1993Connie Franks
1989-1991Genesio C. Masciulli