Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need approval to make a change to the the exterior of my home?
Yes. Changes to you the exterior of homes must be approved by the BMPOA. Ex. Landscaping, tree removal, new roofs, painting, driveways. Please submit an Architectural Review Committee Application Form in the event you wish to make changes. 

Do I need a permit or  license for a garage sale?
No. However Ordinance 33 limits garage sales to twice a calendar year for no more than 72 hours. A garage sale sign may be posted at the entrance to the subdivision.

Does my pet need to be registered?
All dogs should be registered with the township.

Is my pet required to be on a leash?
All dogs must be on a leash when walked around the neighborhood. Additionally, pet owners are asked to carry paper towels and plastic bags to collect any droppings from neighbors’ property.

What is the policy on trash and recycling?
For our new neighbors, please make sure you purchase a green recycling bin for all recyclable material which is picked up the same day (Wednesday) as trash. You should also have an ample supply of large, paper bags (check the big “box” stores) for yard waste. Same pick up day (Wednesday). Branches need to be cut into 3 foot lengths and bundled together with string or twine for collection.

There is usually no trash, recycling or yard waste collection on Wednesday of a holiday week. Check with Township for specific details.
Solid Waste Department (

How do I publish important subdivision news and or events on the website?
Please contact us by phone or email. The BPMOA will discuss the content and context of the information you wish to publish and act according.

How do I stay up do date with subdivision news and events?
The BPMOA works dilegently to keep its homeowners informed. Important announcements are published on the website and often sent by mail. You may also be notified by email when news is posted to the website by entering your email address in the "Follow By Email" link on the navigation panel. The Annual Homeowners Meeting is another very important opportunity in which all homeowners are strongly encouraged to attend.

Are fences allowed in the subdivision?
Fences are prohibited unless required for Township Ordinances for swimming pools. Please refer to the Subdivision Restrictions for more information.

Can BMPOA funds be used to repair the roads and storm drains?
The roads and storm drains in our subdivision are public property and not in the jurisdiction of the BMPOA. Please refer to Wayne County Roads documentation.

Where is the property line between Eaton Estates and BMPOA?